August 10, 2020

About Us

Brief description and history of our organization: TruVision Productions has come a long way since our meager beginnings. The underpinning for our success is truly one formed by community collaboration. Between the all volunteer staff who donated their knowledge and experience, and the in-kind space provided by the city of Country Club Hills, Illinois we were able to launch our programming. Our first services were offered in conjunction with the local Park District and Middle School. With qualitative and quantitative progress, we expanded our services to students throughout Chicago’s South Suburbs offering afterschool and summer programs. This also included a partnership with Project Osmosis, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting design education for underserved minority youth, to deliver services. Today, TruVision is well versed at recruiting, developing and supporting youth from underrepresented communities with demonstrated abilities and skills in the applied arts. We offer a wide range of art instruction, including sketching, painting, drawing, graphic design, robotics, and media sessions with sound engineering, TV camera operation and editing. Our current goal is to implement programs at Bloom High School in Chicago Heights, IL, to engage students in drama, script writing, prop building, graphic design, dance choreography, and media technology, which reinforce the basic elements of STEM and foster life improvements for at-risk youth. By combining the multi facets of the arts with the technical aspects of design and engineering, youth will not only enjoy the interactive after-school elements of our program, but will excel academically.

What demographic do you serve? TruVision serves at-risk youth aged 12 to 18 in underrepresented communities throughout Chicago’s South Suburbs. Without proper support, many of these youth are in danger of going down the wrong path and need guidance to build skills in self-confidence, teamwork, job readiness and resilience.

What geographic area do you serve? This program services students in Chicago and South Suburbs within Cook County.

Our demographic is culturally diverse. For example, in Chicago Heights alone there is 41% African American, 34% Hispanic, and 23% Caucasian to be serviced. We also serve communities in South Suburban Illinois like Ford Heights, Glenwood, Sauk Village, Lansing, Lynwood, Olympia Fields, Park Forest, and South Chicago Heights, Country Club Hills, Markham, Hazel Crest, Homewood Flossmoor, Matteson and Country Club Hills, IL.

Describe how the funds would be used: Our Youth Development programming encompasses multiple facets of design, performing arts and media access. Instructors combine five design and three media disciplines within our after-school program where students are taught theater, vocal arts and dance and also learn sound engineering, media access, robotics and technology, culminating in an interdisciplinary project at the end. Students will participate in creative exercises that over the universal elements and principles of interdisciplinary design, including design process, brainstorming, thinking on paper, problem solving, and constructive criticism. Students will develop a solid understanding of marketing principles, design/fashion creation, the roles and responsibility of graphic designers, and how architecture relates to design and affects their community and daily lives. We expose students to mentors and speakers, they are also attend field trips to reinforce their instruction. Field trips often include major television stations, film production studios, Broadway in Chicago stage play, and museums. Proposed times for after-school is Monday -Thursday 2:30 to 5:30 or 3:00 to 6:00pm. Our summer arts camp is Monday – Thursday for 6 to 8 weeks.

Describe the measurable outcome from the use of these funds: Research has shown that arts and media programs have a positive impact on self-esteem and academic performance. The purpose in offering our program is to build well-rounded individuals, who are confident and have excellent communication skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. This program will complement daytime courses and provide an atmosphere of fun, contextualized learning where students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in performing arts, media or design. Students will strengthen their skills of collaboration and build teamwork within their project assignments. Upon completion of our program, students’ demonstrate improvement academically. Ninety percent of students who have participated in our program, are accepted and attend college.

What types of volunteer opportunities are available at your organization: TruVision always welcomes volunteers! Our experienced instructors encourage parent and community involvement. Volunteers may come in to assist administratively or help the instructors with a variety of discipline activities. We also utilize volunteer musicians who contribute to our theater arts segment.

Additional information that you think is pertinent: By combining Arts, Media, Design and Technology, TruVision teaches students the skills they need to achieve success and a spirit of leadership. Our program not only gives youth something constructive to do after school, but also gives them an opportunity to learn a skill from people who genuinely care that could inspire a future career.

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